Princess Margo (princessmargo) wrote in gafflesquad,
Princess Margo

here's hoping that i'm worthy to be among you

hi, kiddies, my gaffles are somewhat lame, but i'm apprenticing under master joey. i'll do better. soon! i promise!

most useful gaffle: various and sundry office supplies from those nazi cunt-rags. my fave is the sortquik; it takes magazine-reading to a whole new level.

gaffle i'm most proud of: the prunella clough exhibition poster i pinched for leah while i was at the university of essex. there weren't any for sale, so i was forced to go under cover of dusk and just TAKE one off a wall in the history of art department.

long-ago-and-far-away gaffles: scores of books from the library at my high school. i got a bunch of great out-of-print hardbacks in MINT condition from that joint. and i'm CERTAIN that no-one has missed even one of them.

so there it is. for now. MWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!
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