Max (taschenrechner) wrote in gafflesquad,

I'm finally able to sit down and do this, so here goes:

Finest Gaffle: I'd have to say that it'd be the sign that Mike, Joey and I took down out on the road to Sardis. When that fucker bent the hammer, I just knew we were gonna get it eventually, even if it did take two trips.

Worst Gaffle: a tortilla warmer from Ruby Tuesday's in Biloxi.

Honorable Mention: This has to be said: I was in Yunnan Province and the whole town of LiJiang was closed down. We paid a bus driver to sneak us up this mountain. We had to get in the back of the bus and close the curtains, etc. It was awesome. We made it up the mountain with no problem. We didn't steal anything, but we infiltrated a closed Chinese national park. I think that's good for something.
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